Time management in IT sphere
Managing our time effectively has become an essential skill in our fast-paced world, as it's about using your time efficiently and purposefully. Throughout this course, we will dive into various themes that will empower you to control your time and increase your productivity. By the end of this course, you will be able to set goals and priorities, plan and schedule, and know how to manage your distructions and deal with procrastination.
Increased Productivity: By understanding how to prioritize tasks, plan effectively, and minimize distractions, you can significantly enhance your productivity. You'll be able to accomplish more in less time, allowing you to tackle your workload efficiently and achieve your goals.

Goal Achievement: When you allocate your time strategically, set clear goals, and work towards them consistently, you increase your chances of accomplishing what matters to you. By aligning your time with your priorities, you can make steady progress towards your personal and professional objectives.

Enhanced Focus and Concentration: When you manage your time well, you create an environment that fosters focus and concentration. By minimizing distractions, organizing your tasks, and setting clear objectives, you can direct your attention towards the most important activities.
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  • How to set goals and priorities

  • Ways to manage your distructions
  • Plan and schedule effectively
  • Methods to deal with procrastination
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  • Davit Manukyan
    Principal Lecturer
    Scientific Engagement Executive @ PMI
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